Interpreting is about accuracy and style – conveying precise meanings and nuances between language communities. There is no time for revision, it must be correct on the spot and in real-time. A professional interpreter must have knowledge in the relevant field. "Rasmera" can meet your needs, whether by:
Consecutive interpreting (The interpreter is next to the speaker listening and interpreting his/her speech, often with the help of notes. This form is common during meetings, business functions, etc.)

Simultaneous interpreting
(Here, interpreters sit in a soundproof booth, usually working in teams of two and for periods of up to 20 minutes at a time. The interpreter listens to the speaker through a headset and speaks into a microphone at the same time.)
All the necessary equipment (amplifiers, headsets, microphones, soundproof booths) can be arranged through us.
We provide interpretation services for events such as:
  • Business meetings  
  • Conferences  
  • Conventions
  • Workshops
  • Training sessions 
  • Seminars
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