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BOSCH simultaneous interpreting systems suit both small (from 10 up to 1000 participants), and larger (up to 6 thousand participants) audiences in various events or conferences.
The Bosch wireless simultaneous interpreting systems operate by infra-red. They are excellent modern digital systems with up to 16 channels intended to facilitate interpreting in up to 15 languages.
Simultaneous interpreting receivers are very small and light (only 75 g!), and very easy to operate. All the equipment is easy to assemble and disassemble, does not require a lot of space, and is mobile. The speech of an interpreter transmitted by means of this equipment is clear and free of extraneous noise.
INTEGRUS is the only completely digital simultaneous interpreting system in the world. Lighting in and around the premises has no impact on the signal quality of this system. As a result of the new digital sound technology developed especially for this system, the system has unrivalled sound quality.
INTEGRUS – welcome to the new era of simultaneous interpreting!
As a result of global integration, more and more international seminars, conferences, and training courses are held in Latvia each year. Because many of the participants may not know foreign languages very well, problems associated with of interpreting usually occur. Our translation agency offers professional services for simultaneous interpreting and simultaneous interpreting equipment rental.
“Bosch” simultaneous interpreting systems are used by many of the most famous global organisations and firms, such as NATO, EU Headquarters, parliaments of many countries, the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), exhibition centres of Brisbane, Singapore, Frankfurt, and Berlin, German and French telecommunication companies, the BMW concern, Lloyds Bank, many hotels, etc.
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